Ana Quintanilla
ABOUT THE ARTIST Ana Quintanilla was born and raised in South Florida, often traveling as a child to her family home in Nicaragua. She has received a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from California College of the Arts. Ana is engaged with an interdisciplinary practice that ranges from painting, drawing, and collage to performance and video. She takes seriously the practice of art as creative inquiry - exploring subject,content, form and process with an open, experimental attitude and dynamic energy. Her evolving bodies of work share a strong physicality, a sense of vulnerability, and mystery. A deep sense of humanity, history, and direct experience inform Quintanilla’s work. She has spent periods of time in Nicaragua, investigating her connection to her family, cultural identity and political awareness. Ana has also been featured in art shows around the world, including Nicaragua, Spain, Turkey, Mexico and the US. She lives and works in Berkeley, CA. Contact: a n a 5 n i l l a @ g m a i l . c o m Photo by Matthew Brown