Ana Quintanilla
Bathe I think about the everyday exchanges we share between humans, how these relationships nurture new interests and expression; a kind of emotional and physical craft trade. I long to connect and create from the interactions I have. During a recent video project, I attempted to document the intimacy of 3 of my relationships, only to realize that inserting a camera and filming my partners was difficult and over-invasive. I didn’t see this at first but when I realized how difficult this task was my immediate reaction was to apologize to my recent partners. In response I decided to delve more into the idea of intimacy and how to document it without the form of documentation being invasive. Showering was a theme in the video I made about my partners, so I used that as a platform to create this photo performance piece, entitled “Bathe.” I created 20 invitations and asked people to bathe or shower with me, during which I gave them a disposable camera to use. Instead of me having control over the image, they would. Of the 20 only 7 accepted and the photos in this book are the documentation of the events that occurred during the baths.