Ana Quintanilla
Behind the Counter
Behind The Counter What is Behind the Counter? I realized a few years ago that there is a uniqueness in the interactions that happen with people in the work space. Behind the Counter is my most recent performance piece featuring my dear coworkers from Another Cafe. In my personal work I strive to break boundaries and explore what the balances of relationships are, particularly with this piece I thought about the interactions and relationships between my working peers. I asked all of my coworkers, including the owner, Elias, if they would make out with me behind the counter during working hours. They all agreed with the exemption of my former manager, Nich, who agreed to let me attempt to "Kiss" him. These images were shot on my grandfathers 35mm film camera. There is a level of awkwardness and trust that occurs in these "transactions" that I value and believe these moments reveal a unique awkwardness that human beings experience on a daily bases.