Ana Quintanilla Fig Tree Log Line A woman confronted with the absence of her lover is haunted by memories of passion, tenderness and pain that pierce the margins of her reality. Synopsis Haunted by memory and loss, a young woman is confronted repeatedly by the apparition of her past lover. In the starkness of the bathroom after a shower, her lover appears in the humid mist, approaching her in a conflicted yet passionate encounter that ends in fear. Moments later, her lover resurfaces in a memory of tenderness, as lying entwined in a sunlit bedroom the women traverse each other’s bodies, sharing whole figs in intimacy and laughter. The woman returns from her reverie, now alone on the bed. Suddenly, she finds herself on an empty street, confronted by her lover who slaps her across the face. When she turns back in pain, her lover has gone. She opens her mouth and removes the fig that has formed, its skin the same deep color of her lover’s coat. The woman returns home to bathe by candlelight, the fig clasped in her hand. In the solitude of the bath she sinks under the milky surface of the water, which closes over her face and body and becomes still. Heavy with the absence of language and the blurred margins of reality, the film denies certainty and continues to haunt long after the final shot.




Fig Tree