Ana Quintanilla
 Matthew Brown
Santosh Korthiwada
Peter Rosos



Two Weeks' Notice
Two Weeks' Notice People who work in the food industry don’t always have the guarantee of work. Often living paycheck to paycheck, we are always required to show up regardless of sickness or personal problems, or risk the consequence of being laid off. Compensation can be slim, with workers paid a minimum wage which hardly covers the cost of living in a city like San Francisco. After 15 years of working in this industry, I have become used to this environment. Following my most recent employment at Another Cafe in San Francisco, I decided to take an indefinite break from food service to focus on my work. Spending so much time as a service to others, more times than not I have felt like no more than a pastry for sale- displaying a sweet and polite exterior despite what I was experiencing in my personal life and regardless the customers' attitude towards me or my peers. I realized that spending my last shift inside a pastry case during cafe hours was the most appropriate metaphor for what it felt like to work in the industry. I put a call out for photographers to come document my performance of occupying the pastry case for 7 hours. I was given the pleasure to work alongside three very different artists who each explored my performance through their own creative lens. Santosh Korthiwada shot the performance digitally and edited the images in black and white. Peter Rosos used his grandmother’s polaroid landscape camera to capture the performance. The film carrier holding 10 exposures, he decided to document the performance for one hour, taking one shot every six minutes. Matthew Brown, my roommate, collaborator, and best friend, shot using his medium format Mamiya camera with both black and white and slide color film. The performance and its documentation is titled Two-Weeks' Notice as a final homage to my relationship to food service.